Kake Klub Menu

Our cakes are one-of-a-kind creations, baked and decorated by people, not machines. That's what makes them so wonderful! All menu items are subject to availability and the artistic interpretation of the baker in the receiver's area.

There are so many different factors that determine the final cost of a cake. Design, Flavor, and number of people to feed are just a few. See the Kake Klub Photos to use as a guide to give you an idea of where our cake prices start. This information is only a guide. Final price will be given at the time you place your order.


Prices   vary according to cake type and the level of detail involved in the   design*. 

*Everything can be made with vanilla soy for those who cant have dairy products *extra charge.

*Prices start at 4 dollars a slice and design, style and delivery are extra.

*Orders   are to be made at least one month a head.

*Custom Shapes and Sizes Custom shapes and sizes may be available. Special   pricing will apply.

****Please let us know ahead if you have any food allergies or Dietary Restrictions when ordering your cake****